Introducing The Kpop Band EXO And Its Members

If you are familiar with many of the Kpop bands out there, what do you know about EXO? The band has been active since 2012. When you look at Kpop bands, you think about band members only being from Korea, right? That’s not always the case, however, and remember that there is also North and South Korea. In this case, the band members of EXO are from South Korea and China. There are a total of 9 members. The genre of music is Kpop of course, but you know what they say: Kpop isn’t a music genre. That being said, the music crosses many different genres, which is one reason why Kpop is so popular. Did you know that the Kpop bands sometimes release music in different languages? In this case, this band makes music in three languages. Those languages are Mandarin, Japanese and of course Korean. Is that the norm, or is that a little extra? I’ll tell you what’s not the norm, and that’s the fact that EXO is not just any band. It is one of the biggest Kpop bands in history. In fact, some call it the biggest boy band in the entire world. Yet there are other popular boy bands out there, and BTS might just have that title now. To be clear, many media sources would probably say that BTS is bigger than EXO, and the fans would, too. Still, the media has at times called EXO the kings of Kpop. What do you think? Are they the kings, or is there another band like BTS that takes the cake? It was mentioned that band EXO has 9 members, but it actually had 12 originally. Have you noticed how many of the Kpop bands have more members than many of the boy bands you are used to seeing in the US? I thought that was really interesting. I think it’s really cool, too, especially in terms of performances, meaning dance and choreography. There were legal battles that took three of the band’s members out, and that is how EXO ended up with its 9 members. The actual name of the band is EXO-CBX. Would you believe that each of the 9 members have solo careers as well? That’s right, so you can catch all kind of music from not just the band EXO but all of its members. Who is in the band EXO? Baekhyun, DO and Sehun are three of the members. You might not have known that there are two subgroups. Other bands members include Suho, Chanyeol, Kai, Chen, Lay and Xiumin. This band is different from some of the other in that its first album was very successful. Sometimes it can take a couple or a few albums for a Kpop band to really catch on. The first album that EXO released sold a million copies. That may not sound like much, but it was enough to really kick off this band’s popularity. If you haven’t listened to any music from EXO, now is your opportunity. You might want to check out some of the songs available from the solo artists and their merch here: Then you can start looking at some of the other popular Kpop bands out there as well.